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Silhouetted against the blue skies of a small growing industrial town of Coimbatore the Franciscan sisters of the Presentation of our Lady, in the year 1865 with the help of Rev.Fr. Ravel, Rev. Sr. Santhaiammal pitched their tents at Coimbatore. The Sappling “Presentation Convent Primary School was planted by them and was nurtured beautifully till this day, by those who walked the path trodden by our pioneers. However it was in the year 1892 Rev. Fr. Noel Rondy raised making it possible to grow in all dimensions and directions bearing much fruit varying in taste and colour. The quality of an institution depends upon the quality of the educated students it has produced. Presentation Convent can boast about numerous achievements, but it is the academic excellence that stands above the rest. This was Possible only through the tirless efforts of the “immortal men and women” who have withstood the test of time and space.


In the year 1927 Rev. Fr. Beshu raised this school to the status of middle school and in the year 1939 it was made into High School. Presentation Principals, Correspondents & Teachers of yesteryears are our greatest treasures as they have shaped its destiny and hence that of its numerous daughters spread allover the globe. As Khalil Gibran would put it, teachers of Presentation in the past and present always walked-walks in the shadow of God’s temple among His followers. They imparted knowledge to the young Presentationites not from their wisdom but rather to their faith and lovingness.

Their contribution to Presentation as leaders and inspirers of the young was unique. In the year 1947 – 48 a new building was constructed and blessed. The year 1978 marked another new chapter in the books of the school, as it was raised to the status of Higher Secondary School.

The Commitment of the Presentation Sisters towards the School was distinct and unparallel. Their service and dedication which will be always treasured as part of our proud heritage. They looked upon their “calling” not as a mere work or job but as a ‘Vocation’ full of challenges and possibilities. Their commitment has made Presentation to grow and develop in leaps and bounds down the years. What we are enjoying today is the fruit of their dedicated hardwork inside and outside the classrooms. The Sisters and teachers with chalk and books have surpassed their vocation as ‘teachers’ and have contributed more than men at the helm of affairs.

Though many have gone for the eternal reward, their thoughts and actions continue to live on, without being buried with their bones!

We have traced the ‘Galaxy’ of our “Pioneers” from Santhaiammal to the Rev.Sisters till date. Their beautiful lives of service, dedication and commitment to this institution will ever continue to inspire us….

In the year 1953 the presentation congregation celebrated its centenary year.

In the year 1960 Mr.Nanjappa then, chairman of the corporation gave the congregation his land fro school playground at a cost of 100,00- silvercoins. Our thanks goes to Mr.Nanjappa. Rev.Sr.Regina celebrated the school silver jubilee that year.

In 1962 the land that was  purchased from Mr.Nanjappa was  given to the Coimbatore Corporation in exchange for the land belonging to the corporation,  which is an extension of the school and that which  was converted into a playground for the school children. We are grateful to all those who helped us especially, the politicians and the corporation chairman. Our special thanks goes to Mrs. Lourdammal Simon-then minister in the Tamilnadu Govt.

In the year 1978, the school was upgraded as Higher Secondary school with Science and Arts groups along with Vocational courses such as Tailoring, Shorthand


  1941 – 1947

Mrs. Peri

  1947 - 1948 Rev.Sr.Pancras
  1949 – 1951

Rev.Mother Lidwin

  1957 – 1958


  1958 – 1960


  1960 – 1967

Rev.Sr.Mary Regina

  1967 – 1969

Rev.Mother Stella

  1969 -1972

Rev.Sr.Mary Regina

  1972 -1974

Rev.Mother Lidwin

  1974 - 1978 Rev.Mother Bernadette
  1978 - 1980

Rev.Sr.Mary jane

  1980 - 1983

Rev.Mother Immaculate

  1983 - 1985


  1985 - 1986

Rev.Mother Marceline

  1986 - 1987


  1987 - 1992


  1992 - 1997

Rev.Sr. Jesu Mary

  1997 - 2000


  2000 - 2002

Rev.Sr.Celine mary

  2002 - 2007

Rev.Sr.Jesu Mary




1945 – 1946

Rev.Bishop Ambrose


1946 -1947

Rev.Bishop D.M.Antonysamy


1947 - 1948



1949 – 1971

Rev.Mother Lidwin


1971 – 1979

Rev.Mother Stella


1979 – 1983

Rev.Mother Bernadette


1983 -1989

Rev.Mother Immaculate


1989 – 1992

Rev.Mother Marceline


1992 – june

Rev.Mother Daria


1992 -2000



2000 – 2002

Rev.Sr.Jesu Mary


2002 – 2006

Rev.Sr.Mary Lucy Juliet




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